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Preschool Music Lesson Plans

Your No.1 Resource For Teaching Resources & MP3 Downloads for Toddlers & Preschoolers. In business since 1979 we understand what you need to develop the minds of young children with music & movement. Whether you’re a Stay at Home Mum, Childcare or Day Care Center Facilitator or Kindergarten Teacher/Director. For the Largest Range of Developmental Preschool Music Lesson Plans Contact Us Today

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Time out or time in?

Time out or time in? "In a brain scan, relational pain—that caused by isolation during punishment—can look the same as physical abuse. Is alone in the corner the best place for your child?" This is the question asked by Daniel Siegel and Tina Bryson in their Time...

How open is open learning?

From open-space classrooms to open university At the beginning of my career in 1970 I was lucky enough to teach in one of the first "open-space classrooms" in my city. Many years later, enrolling as a student in a Massive Open Online Course has opened up many new...

Children are social

Children are social animals and love to see themselves connected. This drawing by a three year old is a fine example of how a child thinks. She has sandwiched herself cosily between the two adults. She is smaller but has a dominant place up high next to their heads. I...