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♪♫♪ Hello, hello, hello! I’m Carol Biddiss and ever since I can remember I’ve loved to sing and to make up songs.  I still remember a song I made up on the front porch when I was four.  These days, I teach people about how children learn music and importantly, how they learn life skills through music. But my favourite work is teaching classes of children to sing and play, dramatise and dance the songs of childhood. That’s where I find my joy.

I am convinced that we are all born musical, having read countless research papers that gave me all the evidence I ever needed to be certain to say “human beings are innately musical”.  And what’s more “every child is a musical child”.

And that is why I named my music education business “Musical Child” – because every child is a musical child.

I’ve written a whole early childhood music curriculum with 40 preschool music lesson plans.  Inside there are over 300 preschool music activities that can be made up into countless music lesson plans to enable the entire world to pass on the benefits of music to every musical child and to encourage teachers, parents and carers to share in the fabulous world of preschool music.  You can access these at www.musicalchild.com.au  Sign up as a VIP to receive our newsletter so you can be kept up to date with new releases as they come out and get our free downloads. ♪♫♪

For information about my qualifications and employment history see the curriculum vitae.

4 thoughts on “About Carol Biddiss

  1. Hi!

    I’m a teacher in a US high school. I run the child care program, as well as direct our community preschool lab. I would love to have our high schoolers incorporate more music into their lesson plans- the preschoolers would love it!

    Looking forward to the updates!

    • Hi Mark

      That sounds fascinating. All those young energies together. As you say, preschoolers would love it, they really look up to teenagers and you could get some rockin’ performances going. Keep us posted.


  2. Hi Carol,
    I love to read all about your “Musical child”.
    I am from Namibia in Africa and busy creating a handbook for Pre Primary education.
    Is it possible that I can make use of your 12 acivities in a music lesson. I will give you full credit for it. Thanks for all your ideas for the teachers in their classrooms.

  3. Hi Marietjie
    Sounds like we’re on the same wavelength working towards making the teacher’s job easier. Please email me privately from the Contact Page or through the website http://www.musicalchild.com.au with more detail about who you work for and we can take it from there.

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