Music Lesson Plans for 1-3 year-old

In the Bounce and Sing series for 1-3 year-olds we have 20 titles available to download now.

Buy a Lesson Plan today and save yourself hours of preparation time. Here’s a comment from Maria Prieto Martin “Hi there! Yes! I’m from Spain, I run my own business, a Nursery School where we teach English through music and movement. I love your Lessons Plans because they are easy to follow and they organise my time!! I usually teach vocabulary with your songs, we are about to start In My Boat but up to now, children have learnt a lot! Thanks for your Lessons!! ”


bs1-pt1-weplaymusicalbumcovvocals.jpg    1. We Play Music

bs1-pt2-sunmoonstaralbumcovvocals.jpg    2. Sun Moon Star

bs1-pt3-uphighintheskyalbumcovvocals.jpg   3. Up High in the Sky



4. In My Boat



5. Hot Cross Buns

bs2-pt6-myhandsandfingersalbumcovrgbvocals.jpg   6. My Hands and Fingers

bs2-pt7-letsgooutalbumcovvocals.jpg   7. Let’s Go Out

bs2-pt8-inthebigbedalbumcovrgbvocals.jpg   8. In the Big Bed

bs2-pt9-baamoooinkalbumcovvocals.jpg   9. Baa! Moo! Oink!

bs2-pt10-thunderwindrainalbumcovvocals.jpg   10. Thunder Wind Rain

bs3-pt11-upanddownalbumcovvoc.jpg   11. Up and Down

12. To Market to Market



13. Animal Antics



14. The Marvellous Man



15. Rig-a-jig



16. Little Green Frog



17. Alive Outside



18. Teddy Bear

BS4_Pt19HIde and SeekAlbumCov


19. Hide and Seek

bs4-pt20christmastreealbumcov.jpg   20. Christmas Tree

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