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Welcome to our instantly downloadable complete preschool music curriculum.  We’ve done all the hard work of long-range planning for the years of early childhood. You can choose from our selection of toddler or preschool music lesson plans.

Based on research, these preschool music education resources are written by Carol Biddiss M.Ed and published by Musical Child, Early Learning through Music.

Do you need preschool music curriculum help?  

You will find free expert advice on how to program and present music activities in our blog Music Lesson Ideas.  These practical tips are incredibly useful for educators, even if you don’t consider yourself to be highly-trained in music.   Browse the categories on the right or look through the recent posts.  We welcome your questions and feedback on our contact page.

Our preschool music curriculum resources are used with confidence by educators of all kinds

‘I have received and have been using my new music program!!  The kids LOVE it, as do I!!  It is so easy to use, and so much fun.  In fact, I’m not sure who is having more fun, me or the children!  It is an amazing program and would love others to experience it!! Thanks again for all your help.’ November 2014

From Tammy Sherman, Movement and Music Teacher – The Adelson Educational Campus Las Vegas, Nevada, United States  

Teachers, childcare managers and carers, musicians, therapists, academics and librarians, home schoolers, parents and grandparents – all these different educators love our publications because they save busy educators time- that most precious commodity.

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6 thoughts on “Preschool Music Home

  1. Hi Carol, so happy to find your site. I was a dance and movement teacher for years working in preschools and playgroups. I will enjoy exploring your site and activities for young children. Thanks.

    • Hi Lesley, I hope there still are young children in your life who benefit from your wealth of experience and insight. I hope you do enjoy the dances we have found for the program. It is wonderful to see two year olds spontaneously hold hands, ready to dance in a circle.

  2. Thankyou for wonderfull insight information etc.

    Small children benifite enourmously from musical education at a young age, I.e. music strarts in the cradle.

    Naomi Smit L.T.C.L.

    • I wholeheartedly agree Naomi. In fact babies in utero can hear low sounds from 18 weeks and a baby can recognise music that she or he heard before birth, so yes, let’s start young.

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